You can download the price list from NOVASOVA.pdf bookmark.

To place an order please send us an e-mail to:

Remember to specify the wood type, size of the products, their stain and optionally felt colour.

The implementaion of the order starts as soon as the pre-payment that accounts to 50%

of the gross amount of the pro forma invoice has been transfered to the bank account.

The wholesalers and retailers located abroad, that is in any other country apart from Poland,

are oblidge to arrange a transport. The cost of the shipping are covered by the acquiring party.

The Client will be informed by an e-mail about the order being implemented.

The remaining payment is expected within 48 hours.

After receiving the payment confirmation, the order will be ready to be shipped.

The true invoice will be sent to the client by post on the shipping day.

It may take approximately 5-6 weeks to manufacture the goods.

Goods are carefully packed in cartons prepared for motor transport.