We use only solid European birch and slo-grown oak in our construction,

 materials which are sourced locally and ecologically.

 We select wood stock which features beautiful natural burrs and grain patterns.


 To finish the wood we use wood stain and colourless satin varnish,

 which preserves the timber whilst enhancing its natural beauty.

 The care with which we apply these finishes ensures not only a beautiful aesthetic,

 but also a sensual smoothness and warmth to the touch.


 Our products are lined with a sophisticated coloured felt, in order to provide maximum

 protection to floors when moving the furniture.

 All connectors and third-party fittings used in our construction

 are of the highest quality available, from suppliers such as Hettich & Blum.


 You can download the colour sample-card from NOVASOVA.pdf bookmark.

 Interested clients can receive colour samples by post.